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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Agreed. Justin Gabriel or someone else (maybe Heath Slater, I've really never seen him in a match) could have great, entertaining matches and make a low-tier title exciting. But the WWE will never give them time because they're not draws. And their not draws because the WWE never gives them time. It's a vicious cycle. In WWE for the last ten years if you're not a star right out of the gate after your debut you're not worth it and you're cast aside.

And they're not huge, musclemen either, which Vince is gay for.
I saw Slater wrestler Wade Barrette at the Summerslam Fan Axxis thing and boy can Slater wrestler! The crowd was loving him too! WWE is just horrible when it comes to booking. They have a better roster then they ever have, but the refusal to push the undercard guys, and the restrictions they put on the wrestlers really makes it seem as if they don't have a good roster. Half of the WWE guys can wrestle just as good as the TNA guys, but they don't because of the limited move set WWE gives them. WWE isn't a wrestling program anymore, it's an entertainment show geared towards families.
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