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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
30.Bounce - Bon Jovi

Year Of Release: 2002

3.The Distance
6.All About Lovin' You
7.Hook Me Up
8.Right Side Of Wrong
9.Love Me Back To Life
10.You Had Me From Hello
12.Open All Night

Genre: Hard Rock

Most people don't like this album because of how many ballads they are, and even though they are a lot, I like them all.Both "All About Lovin' You" and "You Had Me From Hello" are really guilt pleasures for me though.But besides the ballads, you got many great rock tracks on here, probably the heaviest in Bon Jovi's career.The rockers rock as hard as hard rock can get before being heavy metal.I like to call it "Heavy Rock".Though all members are really great on this record, Richie really shines on this record out of all.His vocals are some of his best on this, and the more use of distortion and talkbox is extremely awesome IMO.Highlights include the soft rock number "Misunderstood", the extremely underrated "Love Me Back To Life", and probably the heaviest song Bon Jovi has ever recorded "Undivided".Bon Jovi, PLEASE make a record like this one again!

Standout Track:
I pretty much agree. Way too many ballads but the rock songs (Undivided, Everyday and Hook Me Up especially) were all really good.
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