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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
To elaborate a bit, from the US pretty much your only option is to fly into London Heathrow. From there you'd need to get a train into London, underground across London to King's Cross or Euston, then a train north to whichever town that actually has a station is nearest to Donington (probably Derby), then work out how to get from there to Donington.

The only accommodation on site will be a campsite, and the village of Donington itself will easily be fully booked already. So if you're not up for camping, then you're looking at staying in another nearby town, which means somehow getting from the festival to that town every morning/evening.

I have no idea if they run any buses specifically for the festival, or which towns they go to if they do run any. Hiring a car is of course an option, and parking is very expensive.

In short, go to Graspop
Yes, it did always seem to be out in the middle of BFE.
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