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Wait, is that actually Fandango's entrance? Except for his segment with Jericho on RAW this week i've fast forwarded every time he's been on. It looks like that's what Jericho will be doing at mania. I read the SD spoliers and Fandango cost him his match. How fuckin sad is that? Last year he was in one of the main events challenging Punk for the WWE championship, this year he'll probably be certian jerking the show against some nobody who hasn't even had a televised match since his debut and hasn't even earned the right to be on the mania card. If Fandango gets on the card and guys who have been working hard all year like Cesaro, Sandow and Cody don't, then there are more serious problems with the WWE then we thought at first.

Speaking of Cesaro, I know he's done very well as the US champ but does anyone think they should get rid of the title? It just doesn't seem to be enough challengers for both the US and IC titles to exist at this point. Unless they go back to the brand extension I see no reason for the US title to be around or for them to have two world titles. If it was just the WWE and IC titles the competition would be greater for both championships and it would raise the prestige of both. The less championships around, the more important they become when someone does hold the belt and the more important someone would be seen as if they were challenging for one of them.