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Oh hell, why not? This is gonna take awhile...

Here's A-E, I'll do the rest tomorrow, I'm tired.

A Cloud Forest "These Mournful Days"
A Cloud Forest "October's Overture"
A Perfect Circle "Mer De Noms"
A Second From the Surface "s/t"
ABC Diabolo "Give Rise to Doubts"
AC/DC "The Razor's Edge"
AFI "The Art of Drowning"
Ablaze My Sorrow "If Emotions Still Burn"
Ablaze My Sorrow "The Plague"
Abscess "Through the Cracks of Death"
Accused "The Return of Martha Splatterhead"
Adversary of Existence "Lamb of Disease"
Afgrund "Svarta Dagar"
Against All Authority "Destroy What Destroys You"
Agents of Satan "The Old Testament"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge "The Poacher Diaries"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope"
Amorphis "Tales From the Thousand Lakes/Black Winter Day"
Amorphis "Am Universum"
Angra "Temple of Shadows" CD/DVD
Anthrax "Persistence of Time"
Anthrax "Sound of White Noise"
Anthrax "Volume 8: The Threat is Real"
Anthrax "We've Come For You All"
Arch Enemy "Stigmata"
Arch Enemy "Burning Bridges"
Arch Enemy "Wages of Sin" 2xCD
Arch Enemy "Anthems of Rebellion" CD/DVD
Arch Enemy "Dead Eyes See No Future"
Artimus Piledriver "s/t"
Asocial "Total Asocial"
Asphyx "Death Hammer"
Assuck "Misery Index"
At the Gates "Gardens of Grief"
At the Gates "The Red in the Sky Is Ours/With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness" 2xCD
At the Gates "Terminal Spirit Disease"
At the Gates "Slaughter of the Soul"
The Atlas Moth "An Ache For the Distance"
Autopsy "Dead as Fuck"
Autopsy "Torn From the Grave"
Avail "Satiate"
Avail "Live at the King's Head Inn"
Avail "Dixie"
Avail "4AM Friday"
Avail "Live at the Bottom of the Hill"
Avail/(Young) Pioneers "The Fall of Richmond"
Avail "Over the James"
Avail "100 Times"
Avail "One Wrench"
Avail "Front Porch Stories"
Bad Religion "Suffer"
Bad Religion "Recipe For Hate"
Bad Religion "Stranger Than Fiction"
Bad Religion "The Gray Race"
Bad Religion "The New America"
Bad Religion "The Process of Belief"
Bad Religion "The Empire Strikes First"
Bad Religion "New Maps of Hell" CD/DVD
Bathory "Under the Sign of the Black Mark"
Bathory "Blood Fire Death"
Bathory "Hammerheart"
Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique"
Beastie Boys "Check Your Head"
Beastie Boys "Ill Communication"
Beastie Boys "Hello Nasty"
Behemoth "Zos Kia Cultus"
Behemoth "Demigod"
Benumb "Withering Strands of Hope"
Birdflesh "Night of the Ultimate Mosh"
Lewis Black "Anticipation"
The Black Crowes "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion"
Black Hell "Deformers of the Universe"
Black Hell "How the Rest Was Lost"
Black Sabbath "We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll"
Black Sabbath "Symptom of the Universe" 2xCD
Black Star Rising "Barbed Wire Soul"
Blitzenhamer "Pawns of the Predator"
Blood Duster "Str8 Outta Northcote"
Blood Duster "Cunt"
Blood Duster "Lyden Na" 2xCD
Blue Meanies "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye"
Blue Meanies "Full Throttle"
Blue Meanies "A Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter"
Bodhisattva "Brain Candy For Insanity"
Bolt Thrower "Realm of Chaos"
Bolt Thrower "Honour Valour Pride"
Bongzilla "Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes"
Borknagar "The Archaic Course"
Born Against "The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure"
Botch "American Nervoso"
Botch "We Are the Romans"
Bouncing Souls "Hopeless Romantic"
Bouncing Souls "Anchors Aweigh"
Bouncing Souls "Ghosts on the Boardwalk"
Bowels Out "Enlightenment Through Dismemberment"
Broken Hope "Grotesque Blessings"
James Brown "20 All-Time Greatest Hits"
Brujeria "Matando Gueros"
Brujeria "Raza Odiada"
Brutal Truth "Need to Control"
Brutal Truth "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide"
Brutal Truth "Goodbye Cruel World" 2xCD
Buried Inside "Chronoclast"
Burn It Down "Eat Sleep Mate Defend"
Burn Victim "Baptized in Gasoline"
Burnt By the Sun/Luddite Clone "split"
Burnt By the Sun "s/t"
Burnt By the Sun "Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution"
Butcher ABC "Butchered at Birth Day"
Butthole Surfers "Independent Worm Saloon"
Buzzov*en "At a Loss"
Buzzov*en "Revelation: Sick Again"
Cagematch "s/t"
Call the Paramedics "You Better Bring a Helmet"
Calloused/Shitlist "split"
Candiria "Process of Self Development"
Cannibal Corpse "Tomb of the Mutilated"
Cannibal Corpse "The Bleeding"
Cannibal Corpse "Vile"
Cannibal Corpse "Gore Obsessed"
Cannibal Corpse "Worm Infested"
Capharnaum "Fractured"
Carcass "Flesh Ripping Symphony: Demos"
Carcass "Wake Up and Smell the Carcass"
Carcass "Reek of Putrefaction/Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" CD/DVD
Carcass "Symphonies of Sickness/Demo" CD/DVD
Carcass "Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious/Tools of the Trade" CD/DVD
Carcass "Heartwork/Demo" 2xCD/DVD
Carcass "Swansong" CD/DVD
Cardiac Arrest "Heart Stopping Death Rot"
Carnage "Dark Recollections"
Johnny Cash "American IV: The Man Comes Around"
Cathedral "The Ethereal Mirror"
Cathedral "The Carnival Bizarre"
Cattle Decapitation "Humanure"
Cattle Decapitation "The Harvest Floor"
Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return"
Cephalic Carnage/Anal Blast "Perversion and the Guilt After"
Cephalic Carnage "Exploiting Dysfunction"
Cephalic Carnage "Lucid Interval"
Cephalic Carnage "Halls of Amenti"
Cephalic Carnage "Anomalies"
Charles Bronson "Complete Discocrappy" 2xCD
Cinderella "Once Upon A..."
Circle Jerks "Group Sex/Wild in the Streets"
Circle Jerks "Gig"
Citizen Fish "Millennia Madness"
Citizen Fish "Thirst"
Citizen Fish "Psychological Background Reports"
Citizen Fish "Life Size"
The Clash "The Singles"
Clutch "Impetus"
Clutch "Transnational Speedway League"
Clutch "s/t"
Clutch "The Elephant Riders"
Clutch "Jam Room"
Clutch "Pure Rock Fury"
Clutch "Slow Hole to China"
Clutch "Blast Tyrant"
Clutch "Robot Hive/Exodus"
Clutch "From Beale Street to Oblivion"
Clutch "Pitchfork & Lost Needles"
Clutch "Strange Cousins From the West"
Coalesce "Functioning on Impatience"
Coalesce/Boy Sets Fire "split"
Coalesce "0:12 Revolution in Just Listening"
Coalesce "There Is Nothing New Under the Sun"
Cobra Venom "Extinction Reality"
Code 13 "Discography 1994-2000"
Common Rider "Last Wave Rockers"
Common Rider "This Is Unity Music"
Conflict "Employing All Means Necessary"
Converge "Petitioning the Empty Sky"
Converge "When Forever Comes Crashing"
Converge "Jane Doe"
Converge "Axe To Fall"
Converge "All We Love We Leave Behind"
Corpsefucking Art "War of the Toilet Gear"
Corrupted "El Mundo Frio"
Elvis Costello "The Best of the First 10 Years"
The County Medical Examiners "Olidous Operettas"
Covenance "Ravaging the Pristine"
Cradle of Filth "Dusk and Her Embrace"
Cradle of Filth "Cruelty and the Beast"
Cradle of Filth "From the Cradle to Enslave"
Cradle of Filth "Midian"
The Cramps "Flamejob"
Crass "Best Before... 1984"
Creative Waste "Cruelty Beyond Conception"
Crematory "Denial"
Cretin "Freakery"
The Crown "Crowned in Terror"
Cryptopsy "Whisper Supremacy"
Cryptopsy "And Then You'll Beg"
Cryptopsy "Once Was Not"
The Cult "The Singles 1984-1995"
Cult of Luna "Salvation"
Culture Shock "Go Wild/All the Time"
The Cure "s/t"
Cursive "The Ugly Organ"
Cypress Hill "s/t"
Cypress Hill "Black Sunday"
D.I.S. "Critical Failure"
Danzig "s/t"
Danzig "II - Lucifuge"
Danzig "IV"
Dark Angel "Darkness Descends"
Dark Tranquillity "Skydancer/Of Chaos and Eternal Night"
Dark Tranquillity "The Gallery"
Dark Tranquillity "The Mind's I"
Dark Tranquillity "Projector"
Dark Tranquillity "Haven"
Dark Tranquillity "Damage Done"
Dark Tranquillity "Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial" 2xCD
Dark Tranquillity "Lost to Apathy"
Dark Tranquillity "Character"
Dark Tranquillity "Fiction"
Darkane "Expanding Senses"
Darkest Hour "The Mark of the Judas"
Darkest Hour "So Sedated, So Secure"
Darkest Hour "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation"
Dawn "Slaughtersun - Crown of the Triarchy" 2xCD
Dayglo Abortions "Two Dogs Fucking"
Decapitation "Path of Death"
Dead And Gone "TV Baby"
Dead Silence "Unlearning"
Death "Scream Bloody Gore"
Death "Individual Thought Patterns"
Death "Symbolic"
Death The Sound of Perseverance"
Death Angel "Killing Season"
Death Breath "Stinking Up the Night"
Death of Self "Time and Money"
Death On Wednesday "Buying the Lie"
Death On Wednesday "Songs to ____ To"
Defeatist "The Sixth Extinction"
Deftones "Adrenaline"
Deftones "Around the Fur"
Deftones "White Pony"
Deftones "s/t"
Descendents "Somery"
Despise You "West Side Horizons"
The Devin Townsend Band "Accelerated Evolution"
Devourment "1.3.8."
Bruce Dickinson "The Best Of"
Dilated Peoples "The Platform"
Dillinger Escape Plan "s/t"
Dillinger Escape Plan "Calculating Infinity"
Dillinger Escape Plan/Mike Patton "Irony is a Dead Scene"
Dillinger Escape Plan "Ire Works"
Dillinger Escape Plan "Option Paralysis"
Dillinger Four "Versus God"
Dinosaur Jr. "Green Mind"
Dinosaur Jr. "Whatever's Cool With Me"
Dinosaur Jr. "Ear Bleeding Country"
Dio "The Very Beast of Dio"
Dirt "Black and White" 2xCD
Disassociate "Controlled Power"
Disfear "Live the Storm"
Dismember "Massive Killing Capacity"
Dismember "Death Metal"
Dismember "The God That Never Was"
Dismember "s/t"
Disrupt "Unrest"
Dissection "Storm of the Light's Bane" 2xCD
Down "Nola"
Down "II - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow"
Down "Over the Under"
Dream Theater "Images and Words"
Dream Theater "Awake"
Dream Theater "Falling Into Infinity"
Dream Theater "A Change of Seasons"
Dream Theater "Scenes From a Memory"
Dream Theater "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" 2xCD
Dream Theater "Train of Thought"
Dream Theater Octavarium"
Drone Throne "Everybody Dies Alone"
Drop Dead "s/t"
Dying Fetus "Stop At Nothing"
Dying Fetus "War of Attrition"
Dystopia "Human=Garbage"
Dystopia "The Aftermath"
Dystopia "s/t"
E.T.T.S. "Genital Hospital"
E.T.T.S. "Machete: Unreleased Cuts"
E.T.T.S/Bangsat/D-Compose "split"
E.T.T.S/Fecal Corpse "split"
Eat the Living "Braaiiins"
Econochrist "Discography" 2xCD
Edguy "Mandrake"
Ekser "The Obliteration Process"
Embalmer "There Was Blood Everywhere"
Embalmer "13 Faces of Death"
Emeth "Insidious"
Emperor "IX Equilibrium"
Emperor "Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demise"
Engorged "Death Metal Attack 2"
Engorged "s/t"
Engorged "Where Monsters Dwell"
Entombed "Clandestine"
Entombed "Wolverine Blues"
Entombed "Same Difference"
Entrails "The Tomb Awaits"
Ex Dementia "In the Chapters of Horror"
Ex Dementia "The Red Mass"
Exhumed "Gore Metal"
Exhumed "Slaughtercult"
Exhumed "Anatomy is Destiny"
Exhumed "Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated"
Exhumed "Platters of Splatter" 2xCD
Exiled "s/t"
Exodus "Bonded By Blood"
Exodus "Shovel Headed Kill Machine"
Exodus "The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A"
Extreme Noise Terror/Driller Killer "split"
Eyehategod "Take As Needed For Pain"
Eyehategod "Dopesick"
Eyes of Fire "Disinitegrate"
11/11-J Mascis
11/12-Judas Priest
11/13-Excruciating Terror
12/5-Despise You
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