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Yeah, I have a "whatever" feeling about this mania as well. I guess Vince figures since last year was the biggest buy rate mania ever did that Rock/Cena will be able to do that or better this year since the title is on the line this time. There's a few problems with that though, they had a shit match last year so people might not be that excited to see it again. Also, with Rock not appearing on RAW even though he's champ isn't gonna get people interested in paying for the remacth anyways since we all know Cena is winning since the Rock will be off to promote/shoot another movie. Last year there was at least some intrigue on who would win the match, this year there isn't.

I think more people buy mania now to see The Undertaker defend the streak more than anything else. He only wrestles once a year now and has something very special to keep in tact with the streak. Over the last fews years there's been just a little bit of doubt as to weather he would keep the streak or not. It has been the most interesting thing about mania for the last few years. I think because of this Takers match gets more people to buy the show than Vince would like us to believe.

The rest of the card isn't looking too bad at all. I just hope after their altercation last night on RAW that they don't have Jericho wrestle Fagdungo at mania. What a fuckin waste of Jericho's time and talent if it comes to that. This comeback has turned out to be worse than last year's for him. It looks like it will be Miz and Barrett for the IC title but I have no clue what they're doing with Cesaro and US title for the show which is almost as sad as the position Jericho is in right now.