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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Seems like Wrestlemania is starting to take better shape after tonight. Everything announced seems decent. I'd imagine Triple H is going to lose but who knows.

Funny thing about Wrestlemania this year is I listen to this show called Busted Open on Sirius XM a few times a week. People are calling in talking about Undertaker verses CM Punk, Triple H verses Brock Lesnar or the undercard. But whenever John Cena verses the Rock is mentioned people are just like "ah, it is what it is. Whatever". Wow. Way to get people interested in your main event. It's a small group of people calling in but there is ZERO excitement from anyone calling in.

It's not even vehemence or anything against the match. People calling in just don't give a fuck and would rather talk about something else.
Not surprised one bit. Both The Rock and Cena are just tired acts.
I can do without Ryback/Henry but the rest looks good. Hopefully it's Y2J vs Barrett for the title(good triple threat tonight) and Miz vs Cesaro for US title to shape up the rest of the card. Probably a 100% pointless divas match as well(maybe it will be the dark match)