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Originally Posted by InFlamesOfBirchmen View Post
I'm not sure about the Megadeth tour, but wasn't he still top billed performer on all of the co-headliner tours?
Zombie only swapped with Slayer because he chose to do so to make the package work. He has admitted to Slayer being his favorite band on several occasions. I like Slayer better but Zombie is the bigger draw imo. Ticket sales don't always relate to which band makes better music. He headlined the other tours over Megadeth, Manson and Alice Cooper. He can draw a crowd but like several other artists he is touring too much and over saturating the market to make up for lost revenue from album sales.

Its too bad Mayhem didn't get some flesh blood this time. What about Judas Priest as a headliner? They certainly wouldn't cost as much money as Slipknot and probably not much more than Zombie.
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