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32.III Sides To Every Story - Extreme

Year Of Release: 1992

2.Rest In Peace
4.Color Me Blind
5.Cupid's Dead
6.Peacemaker Die
7.Seven Sundays
8.Tragic Comic
9.Our Father
10.Stop The World
11.God Isn't Dead?
12.Everything Under The Sun: I.Rise 'N Shine
13.Everything Under The Sun: II.Am I Ever Gonna Change
14.Everything Under The Sun: III.Who Cares?

Genre: Funk Metal/Hard Rock

Extreme shed all glam metal sounds they had (though they were few) on their third album, III Sides To Every Story.This album is just so perfect in every thinkable way.Astonishing production, awesome funk metal guitar licks, great meaning, incredible choruses, and much more.This album will definitely prove those who think Extreme are a glam metal band wrong.Gary Cherone's voice is perfect on this album, Nuno Bettencourt is king on the guitar as always, Pat Badger shows some pretty strong bass on this record, and Paul Geary adds stellar drum rhythms to the album.Standouts include the true funk feeling "Cupid's Dead", the awesome ballad "Stop The World", and the absolute best, the epic "Am I Ever Gonna Change".This album is just nothing but perfect, and it would be Extreme's best, if it weren't for one other album....

Standout Track:
"Am I Ever Gonna Change"
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
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8/30 - Motley Crue
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