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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
34.Hall Of The Mountain King - Savatage

Year Of Release: 1987

1.24 Hours Ago
2.Beyond The Doors Of The Dark
4.Strange Wings
5.Prelude To Madness
6.Hall Of The Mountain King
7.The Price You Pay
8.White Witch
9.Last Dawn

Genre: Progressive Metal

I found about Savatage through Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and thought I'd check them out because I thought they would sound like TSO. Well, I was wrong, they sound way better.Not to say that TSO is bad, it's just with TSO I really only loved the instrumentals, but when I heard Jon Olivia's vocals the first time I knew he was a great singer.So I started digging deeper and fell in love with most of their albums (even Zachary's records).This album, while not their best in my opinion, is so incredibly awesome, with a good fantasy-story like vibe to it.Standouts include the breathtaking title-track, the killer opener "24 Hours Ago", and personnel favorite, the sometime overlooked "Strange Wings".A true progressive metal masterpiece.

Standout Track:
"Strange Wings"
PLEASE tell me you have more 'Tage in this list!!!
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