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Carnivore - Carnivore - January, 1985

Like a lot of people, I was first introduced to the weird world of Peter Steele through Type O Negative, and while the doomy, gothic sounds of that band are lightyears away from the post-apocalyptic speed-thrash of Carnivore, the same wit and humour still applies. The first three songs here are total fucking winners, with pounding double bass, downright maniacal vocals and some pretty hilarious lyrics -- a trend that would continue throughout the album.

There are some tunes that aren't great, like "Armageddon" and "Legion of Doom", and the fact that the vocals are just so out front and powerful kind of wears on you as the album goes on, but this is a solid album. It's also a pretty unique album, especially considering this is a thrash (crossover?) album fron NYC in 1985. How about that wacky chorus in "God is Dead"? It's too bad Lord Petrus had to leave us so soon, even if he wasn't making new Carnivore music (although he WAS playing shows with a new Carnivore lineup).

Standouts: Carnivore, Male Supremacy, God is Dead

Score: 7.5/10
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