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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Makes sense to me. Apart from certain places (like here), who cling to anything from the '80s for as long as possible (I know Whitesnake are a '70s band, and their '70s stuff is better, but their most dedicated fanbase is blatantly from the '80s stuff), people are getting tired of Coverdale's voice being so hit-and-miss.

What confuses me is that Alice Cooper has to tour that circuit in the states, given that he's as good now as he's ever been.
Yep I completely get that. I think Alice is the outlier. I don't really understand why Alice does some of that here either. (Of course the 1st time I saw him was....At a Casino). I completely get a ton of the bands that do the Casino/State Fair circuit over here, but Alice doesn't really make sense why he does those. In a way its kind of sad.
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