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And for the power issues, I don't know, but they must have more than one power outlet. That would be dumb. Maybe BBB just got their gear plugged wrong. Thinking about it, the exact same thing happened to Ken of Abigail Williams on the Rotting Christ/Melechesh tour. He was so pissed off that the band just stopped playing after the third song. It was pretty embrrassing. I just hope this doesn't happen too often. At least the Café Campus doesn't have that kind of problems, which is cool, because I wouldn't wan't Katatonia to have their guitars go off next month...

Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
Nice review man, sounds like an awesome time.

I like The Living Infinite but personally feel they could have made one solid album out of it and cut a number of filler tracks instead of doing the whole double album.
Thank you too!

I kinda agree with you on the album, but it's a grower. You know they actually recorded 26 songs for the album and picked 20 out of them? There are maybe 2-3 less good ones in there, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it as a whole. Also, I have yet to test it, but one of my friends told me the tracks on the second CD referenced to the ones on the first, by using similar lyrics and scales/riffings. If you listen to Spectrum and Misanthrope, Tongue and Leech, and so on, you're supposed to notice some similitudes...
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