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I will always defer to your reviews. The reviews are quite good!

I enjoyed the show. I was a bit pooped. This show was my third in three days and fourth within a week.

I was looking for you to ask you about Blackguard. I thought they were really good. Their sound was awful also.

I think Jeff Loomis is a fantastic guitar player, but I think his set was a buzzkill. The band sounded pretty good, but the crowd simply stopped moving.

I spoke with Juan from BBB before Soilwork came on. He told me that all the equipment was plugged in to one outlet. That struck me as quite funny. My first thought was; there must be another outlet in this building?

I thought Soilwork sounded the best, but I am not a huge fan so I skated early to get my ticket for Diamond Head!!

See you soon!
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