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I used to be a HUGE Star Wars fan when I was a young kid. I had to have all the toys, had to play all the games. Those Super Star Wars games on the SNES were HARD AS FUCK, but probably some of the funnest games I have ever played. Episode 1 Racer... OMG... my cousin and I would nerd out over that every time we hung out. Neva Kee FTMFW.

The original trilogy were amazing. I remember always wanting to watch Return of the Jedi, and then later realizing that "Empire" was where it was AT. "A New Hope" was one that I always was unsure about. I remember being extrememly young and always seeing it at the Video Rental place (yes kids, we used to go out to buildings and physically RENT movies ) and thinking the cover just looked SO COOL.

Episodes 1-3 were not bad, IMO. I saw Episode 1 at least 3 times in the theaters, but I think it was only because of the pod racing scene, that was the coolest part of ANY movie I had ever seen, at the time... "Clones" wasn't too bad, I actually enjoyed it, outside of the romance scenes and love story. Episode 3 was good. I remember a friend of mine had a pirated copy of it and we watched it in our Computer Animation class in High School .

I can't wait for the new movies!
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