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Well, I guess i'll start with how I became a fan.

I was five years old when Return Of The Jedi came out. This was my first exposure to Star Wars. I never saw the first three in order so I never got to be shocked by Vader revealing himself to be Luke's father in Empire. My parents took me and my older brother to see Jedi at the movies way back in 1983 (holy fuck, that's 30 years ago now) and that was it, we were both hooked as fans for life from that point on. We begged our parents to take us to see it at the theater like four or five other times to.

From there we got as many toys and whatever other Stars Wars merch our parents were willing to buy us. They always used to tell me "take care of those toys, they'll be worth something someday". Of course as a kid you don't think about those things, all you want to do is is recreate movie scenes and find out what happens if Obi-Wan and Vader actually fought in A New Hope When I got older and saw what some of the toys from back then were going for, I admit, I wish I had listened to my parents advise about that.

Throughout my childhood and even now as an adult, the movies are still a big part of my life. I grew up watching the original three movies a lot and they are so much as part of me that they're probably in my DNA. If you've ever seen the movie Fanboys and how they can have conversations by just quoting Star Wars, well, I can do that all day if I had to.

The original trilogy will always have the most special place with me for the rest of my life. I can watch them any time and never get bored with them. I didn't care for Episode 1 at all, in fact I feel asleep in the theater watching it. Episode 2 was decent and overall I have no problem with it. I really liked Episode 3 a lot and enjoyed how the turned Anakin into Vader and the overall darker feel of the movie. I never got much into the expanded universe except for a handful of novels i've read, the movies have always been the main thing with me. I think JJ Abrams should do a pretty solid job with the new ones and am looking forward to what they will be about and probably seeing the midnight showing like I did for Episodes 1,2 and 3
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