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Originally Posted by OraclesofAgony View Post
Just when I thought maybe, possibly I kinda sorta understood what was going on in my Mechanical Engineering class, the rug has been pulled from beneath me and I'm back to not knowing jack shit. Gonna need a miracle to pass this class and finish my Computer Science degree. Otherwise I will have to wait for the Summer to take Electrical Engineering to fulfill my final breadth requirement, and waste money on Summer Session.

This sucks.
Damn that sucks. When is your final for that class? Not sure how much I can help with it. If there is anything related to Hamiltonian Mechanics, I might be able to help out a bit. Hope you pass your class man.

Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post

Fuck my finals as well. No exams were had in my physical chem lab course so i have no clue what the final will look like. Not cool
Seriously?? That fucking sucks!
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