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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
But you never go around and hear anyone use the term underground to describe bands like COB or anything. You can walk into a Hot Topic and buy COB shirts and cds.
This is news to me. The last time I walked into a HT, the closest thing they had to CoB is ONE Iron Maiden hoodie (which I bought ) a few Metallica shirts, and a Slipknot wristband or something like that.

I do get the point though. Honestly, the term I use to describe bands like that is "mid-level". They aren't selling out the local arena or shit like that (Metallica, Iron Maiden), but they're clearly not a band that plays at dives in the middle of nowhere for gas money to see their fans either (Exhumed, Eyehategod).

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
And where the fuck are we that people think Metallica is the devils music with vocals you can't understand? Are we in the 80's or in the deep south or something?
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