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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
MPF. Metal being stereotyped yes very true but that wasnt the point. It's def a popular genre in the US. I mean mainstream metal bands are featured in movie soundtracks and whatnot. Black Sabbath --> Ironman, hell there was def a plug for Sabbath reunion in The Avengers! Anyhow no need to get mad and rant about Hot Topic and Taylor Swift they didnt do anything to you.

I mean god damn how many metal songs are featured in mainstream horror movies now a days.

Prime example Rob Zombie is pretty much known to everyone know for his work in movies and everyone that knows about his movies knows about his music.

Black Sabbath played Lolla last year as the headliner. One of the biggest fests in the US got headlined by a metal band, a fest in which 99% of the stuff isn't metal.
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