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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I never stated I go to Hot Topic to get anything metal related I simply said you can walk into a Hot Topic and buy cds and shirts from bands like COB.
Just to prove this point one more time, at the Mall of America, the company who owns Hot Topic, who also owns the GAP, now has a store dedicated to One Direction for the next 6 months...

Now why would their fan base of Asking Alexandria and Taylor Swift fans correlate to anything Metal related?

I've been to plenty of shows when I was in high school where I asked people where they go their Dimmu Borgir, or Cannibal Corpse shirts, and they said Hot Topic. I asked them what songs they liked and almost verbatim the answer is " I didn't know they were a band. I just thought the shirt was cool."

Granted maybe things have changed, I graduated 6 years ago, but I can't imagine the metal scene exactly got stronger in those 6 years in the mainstream crowds without THOSE kinds of people filling out the bases.
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