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Facepalms.....Facepalms everywhere.....

I'm sorry I live in the near Suburbs of The Twin Cities. I grew up in a population of 1051 people. and I'm older than a lot of you by at least 7 years *Not all of you get your panties out of your vaginas*

Yeah maybe times have changed where you are from, but living in Rural Wisconsin and not living in any kind of city life besides going to shows, and keeping to myself besides close friends and the bands I interview. I have my own opinions based on what I encounter. I get my news information from label emails, band emails, discovering music on my own and on here. Hell Blabbermouth features me and I don't even read my articles on there. I don't have other things to tell me what is cool and what is not. I just have myself and really, that's all a person should rely on is themselves to know what they like.

Also, why the fuck would you go to fucking Hot Topic to get your Metal in any capacity? The last time I walked by one, they had a giant Taylor Swift banner hanging from the ceiling

And yeah, Maybe Metallica is the most celebrated Metal band in the world, but if you ask people over a certain age, or of the right religious group, it's as Satanic as Mainstream Jazz was in the 20s and 30s.

The point of all of this is that Metal is one of the most underrated genres of music out there, NOT INCLUDING SUB GENRES. Maybe Metal is more listened to than Acoustic based Hip Hop Folk Rock, but again Metal fan are stereotyped and persecuted all the time, just now a days its not as often to their face.

Maybe I'm just to old to get what's cool and hip and whats not cool and not hip. meh...
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