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Good idea for a topic, this will be tough, as I feel all of the bands I listen to are the most important ones. I'll give it a shot...

The Beatles - The first band I was every into. I first took notice when I was in 3rd grade, my dad had a bunch of their CASSETTES and would play them in the car. After 10+ years, I still worship this band and get the same feelings when I listen to them as I did when I was younger.

Pink Floyd - I got into them around sixth grade. My dad had DSOTM on cassette and I thought it was incredible. Shortly after, he showed me the live disc of Ummagumma, Meddle, Relics, and Atom Heart Mother on CD. Ummagumma and One of These Days/Echoes from Meddle completely changed my view of what was possible with music. Prior to this, I was used to the more orthodox song structures of The Beatles, and Pink Floyd's long instrumental pieces really blew my mind at the time.

Metallica - After I got into the essential 60s/70s rock bands that all young teens do (Pink Floyd, Beatles, Zeppelin, Doors, Black Sabbath, etc.), I wanted something heavier. I went to Ozzy's solo career and, of course, Guns N Roses. But I grew tired of them and checked out Metallica. I was in eight grade and since MTV never played music videos, I watched videos on Yahoo Launch, which idk if it's still around. And I watched One, and that was it. I was hooked. After that, I got the Black Album and Justice and they were my absolute favorite band, probably for the next year and a half. I got Load and Ride next, and loved those albums. I got Puppets "late in the game," during the summer before high school, and when I did, I was totally hooked. I can probably never express the importance of that album at the time.

Megadeth - I got into them the same time as Metallica. I heard Symphony of Destruction on the radio and thought it was fucking awesome. I also paid more attention to Vice City when Peace Sells came on VROCK. I got Countdown shortly after and thought it was awesome. For some reason, I got Cryptic Writings as my second album, and this was before I tried smoking pot, so I'm not sure what my deal was. Shortly afterwards, during the summer, I got Youthanasia, and then Peace Sells at the same time I got Master of Puppets. It was an amazing summer. The following winter (freshman year), I got Rust in Peace and was hooked on that album. It had an influence on me equal to Master of Puppets.

Slayer - my first venture into extreme metal. It was the summer before my freshman year of high school, and I remember watching clips of Seasons and Dittohead online, and I knew Raining Blood from Vice City. Fast forward to September or October, and one day my friends and I took the 10 bus, and then walked 20 minutes to the nearest Best Buy and I bought Seasons and RIB together. I got GHUA that Christmas and played that album to death. I probably listened to that more than Seasons and RIB combined, but after a while, it grew old. I should really give it a listen again. This may surprise people, but the album that was probably the most important to me is Divine Intervention. I fucking love that album. It gets dumped on, but, whatever.

Tears For Fears - pretty random, but very important band for me. Like other bands on this list, I first heard them in Vice City (Pale Shelter). I actually really liked the song when I first heard it, but I never listened to anything until my friend showed me a live DVD during my freshman year of high school. I thought it was pretty good, and a few months later, borrowed their best of CD from him. I listened to it constantly, along with Rust in Peace, for a good couple months. I quickly bought their discography over the course of about 8 or 9 months and listened to the hell of them. I think they often get overlooked as being "another faceless 80s new wave band," but that's really too bad, because they're one of the best bands to come out of the 80s. There whole discography is solid, they don't have a bad song, and they have a lot of great melodies, and good, McCartney-esque bass.

Death - I started getting into death metal near the end of my freshman year. I can thank some friends during lunch for that, they brought a list of Cannibal Corpse titles and read them aloud. We laughed our asses off for a good hour, and every so often a title would pop into my head and I would laugh about it. Remembering the titles, I checked out their music, thought it was awesome, but didn't like the vocals. Back to Death, the following fall, I was reading some list of great guitar albums, and Human was on it, so I checked it out, and was blown away by how brutal it was. Sure, the vocals were a little much, but the instruments were insane. They were the first death metal band I really got into, and one of my top three. Human was my first death metal album, along with None So Vile, Chaos AD, and Maximum Violence (yep). I listened to the hell out of those albums, except Maximum Violence, but I ended up checking out more of Death's discography, and all of their albums ended up being awesome.

Type O Negative - I first heard of them when I was watching VH1's Most Metal Moments, and Peter Steele's Playgirl issue was one of them. Being young and stupid, this made me not think much of them, until my junior year of high school. One of my old friends was into them, so I watched the live videos from Symphony For The Devil and was instantly hooked. I was primarily listening to death metal at the time, and this was a real breath of fresh air. I watched this video three or so times a night for months, and probably listened to Red Water even more. They quickly became my favorite band, and probably still are. Peter's death greatly affected me, and it's still upsetting knowing that there will never be new Type O Negative music.

Immolation - I think I first heard of them my senior year of high school, but I never really checked them out until my first semester of college. I watched the video for World Agony and was in awe at their style. The dark, dissonant riffs were actually what death metal should be. I also love the way they arrange the drums, usually not straightforward blasting, but very off-time and locked in with the guitar. Soon afterwards, I got Close To A World Below and fell in love. I could maybe consider that my favorite death metal album.

Swans - are probably my last important band. I first heard of them as being an influence on Type O Negative and Napalm Death, so naturally I youtubed them. The first videos I watched were these awful mid 80s live videos, with some guy yelling/burping into a microphone with a bunch of noise in the background. But I didn't give up, I looked into Children of God and The Great Annihilator and my hope was restored (this was the summer before college, I think). The melody they had in their music and Jarboe's vocals seemed really different at the time, as I was pretty much listening to metal. I got The Great Annihilator for Christmas and played that album to death. It was really melodic and dark, but it wasn't cheesy or phoned in. It also had a lot of textures and atmosphere, which I found out that all of their albums do.

Sorry for the huge stories/paragraphs. IT HAD TO BE DONE.
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