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"Masters of Misery" Black Sabbath: the Earache Tribute (1992/1997)

This is a special album. I go turned onto so many bands from buying this tribute album. I first bought it just for Sleeps cover of Snowblind, then I listened to it and it didn’t grab me as much as their original work. So I looked at the back cover and was a little worried. Rather than have all Earache’s bigger acts (Napalm Death, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Entombed) the album was filled with bands I’d never heard of or didn’t really like. But I gave it a whirl anyway. The first surprise was that I liked the Cathedral song. I never liked them that much but that gave me hope. After that it was an hour of a whirlwind when every band was actually more enjoyable than the last. I couldn’t believe it. This comp introduced me to Godflesh, Anal Cunt, Fudge Tunnel, OLD and Brutal Truth; all bands I ended up buying music by afterwards and even seeing live if I had the chance. Then there were a ton of bands that were enjoyable but I wasn’t too interested in hearing anything else by. Even the gabber-beats techno cover of Paranoid by Ultraviolence was pretty cool. This is a great comp because the bands make the songs their own to the point where you don't even realize they're doing Black Sabbath covers. If you ever come across this little gem pick it up, whether you’re a fan of Black Sabbath or any of the bands on it.
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