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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
I've never read any Lovecraft but is this what you're talking about? I just heard it the other day, it's fantastic.

All right, so I checked out Goo, Sister, EVOL, and Washing Machine. (Dirty's queued up next.) Those first three kinda blend together, but I'm mostly a passive listener so I definitely need to spend more time with them. EVOL's probably my favorite of those three, though. and Washing Machine is just amazing. I probably won't get to the Melvins for a while as I'm gonna try to listen to all of Sonic Youth's shit in the coming days/weeks.

And while I'm on this thread...
I've been checking out Neurosis' discography recently. TSAB is pretty good but Times of Grace is my favorite by far.
Downward Spiral is great, obviously.
I've always liked Dismember more than Entombed, dunno why, but recently I've gotten so sick of the Sunlight Studios guitar tone it's ridiculous. (probably because of all the southern lord bands I've been listening to...)
That's the cover.

Dirty's actually my least favorite Sonic Youth album that I've heard but a lot of people like it. I got laid-off the day I bought it so it has some shit memories associated with it. It's their most mainstream sounding album that's for sure. I listen to that album and I hear early-1990's. Theresa's Sound-World, Wish Fulfillment, Sugar Kane, Against Facism and On The Strip are all good songs.

Times of Grace is a really good too (that's why I didn't mention it when I was listing all my gripes with later Neurosis)

And the Sunlight Studios guitar tone had its time but it sounds dated today.
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