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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Wow, thanks for the kind words. I didn't think anyone liked the old concert reviews but I'll see if I can dig up a few more for you.

With Sonic Youth I'd suggest checking out Goo first. Daydream Nation is good but I think they have better. Just remember what I said that for every good song on their albums there's usually a fucked up, skippable song. And for the Melvins I'd suggest Houdini.

KEN mode is opening for Today is the Day next month I think, so if I get to go I hope to make it there in time for them. Did they just release a new album that has some Lovcraftian looking octopus on the cover or something?
I've never read any Lovecraft but is this what you're talking about? I just heard it the other day, it's fantastic.

All right, so I checked out Goo, Sister, EVOL, and Washing Machine. (Dirty's queued up next.) Those first three kinda blend together, but I'm mostly a passive listener so I definitely need to spend more time with them. EVOL's probably my favorite of those three, though. and Washing Machine is just amazing. I probably won't get to the Melvins for a while as I'm gonna try to listen to all of Sonic Youth's shit in the coming days/weeks.

And while I'm on this thread...
I've been checking out Neurosis' discography recently. TSAB is pretty good but Times of Grace is my favorite by far.
Downward Spiral is great, obviously.
I've always liked Dismember more than Entombed, dunno why, but recently I've gotten so sick of the Sunlight Studios guitar tone it's ridiculous. (probably because of all the southern lord bands I've been listening to...)
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