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35.Ride The Lightning - Metallica

Year Of Release: 1984

1.Fight Fire With Fire
2.Ride The Lightning
3.For Whom The Bell Tolls
4.Fade To Black
5.Trapped Under Ice
7.Creeping Death
8.The Call Of Ktulu

Genre: Thrash Metal

The only thrash band I am a "Fan" of is Metallica.I don't know what it is about other thrash bands, maybe it's just because I was exposed to Metallica at the time I was discovering rock and metal music.I mean some Megadeth I like, and I actually like some Overkill, but that's about the extent of it.But anyway I think this is by no doubt Metallica's best album, with James, Lars, Cliff, and Kirk at their best.8 killer tracks and no filler whatsoever, and being the only thrash album to make my list, it truly says something about it.Standouts include the classic take-no-prisoners metal assault "Fight Fire With Fire", the haunting "For Whom The Bell Tolls", and my all-time favorite Metallica song "Fade To Black".

Standout Track:
"Fade To Black"
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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