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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
The dude knew his thrash and speed metal, for sure. That's about it though. I highly doubt that most of the kids getting into that music these days credit him as a major influence. The only reason I know who he is is because I used to argue with him about the validity of Testament as a good thrash band or whether or not Overkill was better than Slayer. That was around ten years ago. Dude's moved on and so should you. His reviews aren't well written either and half of them have been deleted in the past while. They're passionate, but there are far better reviewers who post on M-A than him. His legacy is his review of Master of Puppets, which is more of an essay with an extreme viewpoint.
I "moved on" the second I bought Slaughter of The Soul, which is one of his lowest reviewed albums, not to mention Covenant. Hell, I even bought The Legacy, which, while was not given a bad grade, I'm sure he would have loved it if I had purchased one of the 5 or 6 thrash albums he gave upper 80s-90s too that I don't own yet instead. I just like occasionally sourcing him when I feel it's appropriate, not to mention that even after the quote I mentioned that I kinda sorta agreed with PowerMaiden on the subject, so get off your high horse.
and the singing dies down for just a second, right? Long enough for my dad to go "This is how they used to transport the Jews!"

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