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Rolling Stones- I Got The Blues
Kreator- Storm of the Beast
Motorhead- No Voices in The Sky
King Diamond- A Mansion In The Darkness
Angel Witch- Gorgon
Run DMC- Is It Live
Black Sabbath- Paranoid
Slayer- Skeletons of Society
James Brown- Try Me
Death- 1000 Eyes
Judas Priest- Breaking The Law (live)
Rush- What You're Doing (live)
Tribe Called Quest- Push it Along
The Beatles- Lovely Rita
Iron Maiden- Sanctuary
Beastie Boys- The Maestro
Slayer- Praise of Death
Anthrax- Madhouse
Slayer- Captor of Sin
Bob Marley- Rastaman Live Up!
Deicide- Holy Deception
Gamma Ray- Empress
AC/DC- Evil Walks
Eric B. & Rakim- Mahogany
Vio-lence- Eternal Nightmare

Not bad, even if Slayer repeated twice.
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