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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Enough of this glam talk in my thrash thread!

Dark Angel - We Have Arrived - November 5, 1984

Some bands who attain greatness at some point in their careers have rather mediocre debuts. Dark Angel is one of those bands. We Have Arrived is neither good nor bad -- it's just kind of there. There are flashes of brilliance to be sure, hell "Merciless Death" is one of the best songs they've ever written but it sounds a hell of a lot better on Darkness Descends. "No Tomorrow" has some good moments too, as does the title track but the over all feel just isn't the vicious, riffdiculous Dark Angel we would all come to love.

Standouts: Merciless Death, We Have Arrived

Score: 5/10

Wow. That album cover is so goofy I didn't believe it was the real thing, had to check metal-archives. Also thought it was released in 85.

And that Destruction EP...awesome, but I've heard from Ian Christe and Fenriz that both that and Infernal Overkill are black metal, not thrash. Not giving you're wrong for putting it here or anything, as well, I would too if I were making this sort of thing, just something I found interesting worth thinking about.
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