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I know I'm pretty much alone with that, I don't know, it's just the songs I guess

I went to check the stats from my Slayer virtual shows that I do here, remember those well yeah I keep stats of every song I play from every band that i do shows. and I do a lot of them (actually 177 for Slayer so far since the summer of 2008) ... yeah I know... well it turned out that Diabolus was also lower than SOH based purely on songs played per show, but I think I overall like it better. The Fact that on SoH , the title song, Silent Scream and Spill The Blood are played pretty often makes it that the average of songs played per show is higher then on Diabolus too.

anyway so a part from those 3 songs I always strongly disliked Mandatory Suicide, imho the most overated Slayer song.

Behind The Crooked Cross and Ghost Of War are ok

the rest I don't like

but hey, it was just my taste, there's no wrong or right answer, and even if I,m wrong, it's ok I can live with that

Cheers !
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