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Destruction - Sentence of Death - November 10, 1984

Destruction's first EP was pretty indicative of the sound they would always play -- definitely more melodic than Sodom but more abrasive than Metallica, their sound is a lively, snarling style, not unlike bands we would hear from a little later like Overkill and Exodus. There's a bit of sloppiness here and the songwriting chops haven't fully formed, but songs like "Total Desaster" and "Mad Butcher" really rip, but the quality slowly declines as the album goes on. The closer, "Devil's Soldiers" is the worst, seemingly going for a pounding, almost totally non-melodic style that just doesn't suit the band. All in all, it's a fun little EP, and a nice introduction to the band.

Standouts: Mad Butcher, Total Desaster, Black Mass

Score: 7.5/10
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