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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Mickie James put on her personal facebook that she declined WWE's offer saying that while she's not saying she would never go back now just isn't the time.

So Mickie declined, Kelly Kelly said no, and the other diva whos name I forget declined. They all realize that WWE has no divas chance at all lol.
I believe Maryse was the other former diva the WWE made an offer to. I don't balme her for turning it down, i'm sure she's making a better and safer living being a model or something like that.

It seems these ladies are aware that the WWE is not the place to be if you wanna show what you can do in the ring every week or be treated with any kind of respect. TNA is still their best bet for that, even ROH is starting to give the ladies some TV time every couple weeks now.

I still wanna see how good Beth Phoenix and Natalya could be if they went to TNA. You know they would use them right. I still don't get how the WWE completely ignores Natalya.
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