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Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro

Full Album

This is the greatest extreme music album ever made. That's not opinion, it's a fact.

When I received my first little batch of metal songs from a friend, Submission Is For The Weak was on it. It scared the absolute shit out of me. When he sent me The Supreme Necrotic Audnance, I couldn't even finish the song because it freaked me out too much. As I finally eased into it, it quickly became my favorite album of all time. It's not just black metal and grindcore with some electronic/industrial elements. It has just sinister undertones throughout the whole album. Kind of in the way that if used correctly, clean vocals and melodies can be extremely unnerving (hello King Diamond), Mick kind of implemented some of that ethos in his guitar playing here. The Supreme Necrotic Audnance and Pandemonic Hyperblast have some of these and it just makes everything so unsettling.

But the best thing about this album is that it is unrelenting hate and malice through-and-through. If you know the videogame "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream", I think The Codex Necro is the soundtrack to the events that happened before the beginning of that game. It's cold and mechanical but inhuman in the way vocals and samples are used throughout it. It's really a masterpiece that is obviously much more than just two guys recording instruments and vocals. The ending title track just concludes the album with a cacophonous racket that exemplified everything right with Anaal Nathrakh and extreme metal in general - terrifying, brutal noise.

I have recommended people wanting to get into Anaal Nathrakh to start elsewhere. This is just too fucking abrasive and maddening for a first-time extreme music listener to get into. Dave once said on a forum that he's really influenced by harsh/power electronics such as Whitehouse and Masonna, and it's totally evident on TCN.

There is no other album like this. There will never be another album like this. The best extreme metal album ever. My favorite album of all time.
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