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Anaal Nathrakh - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here

Full Album

When I first got into Anaal Nathrakh, I only got to semi-live out the hype of Eschaton before it was released. Hell Is Empty is really the first AN release that I got to get hyped out of my mind for. I discussed every little thing about this album for days on end with other AN fans and the band themselves. And when it finally came just absolutely blew me away. The sound on this album, to me, has a very futuristic feel to it. But like...futuristic in the way the album cover feels. Like, the album feels like the musical accompaniment to a Warhammer 40k universe - grim, desolate, but crisp and clean and efficient about causing misery and death. "Screaming Of The Unborn" and "Virus Bomb" have been my go-to "FUCK I need something loud and heavy RIGHT NOW" songs for a really long time. Genetic Noose feat. Joe Horvath of Circle Of Dead Children is my favorite guest-vocals Anaal Nathrakh song ever, and Castigation And Betrayal is my favorite album-ender for AN. This album is the right way to polish an extreme metal record without dredging into shit like djent or deathcore. One of the most extreme metal records ever made.
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