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Tally Hall - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Good Day
Welcome To Tally Hall
Taken For A Ride
The Bidding
Be Born
Banana Man
Just Apathy
Spring And A Storm
Two Wuv
The Whole World And You
The Ruler Of Everything

This was the first album I ever heard that was a 10/10, A+ 100% perfect album to me. It's the catchiest pop rock album I've ever heard, but each song has its own identity and it just has brilliant songwriting all over it. In fact, Good Day won a John Lennon songwriting award. There are about as many styles on here as there are different song subjects. You've got your typical "Introduce The Band" type song that's just as much hip-hop as it is pop rock with "Welcome To Tally Hall", or the marching-band brass party section of "The Whole World And You." Or maybe the fast-paced song about stalking the Olsen Twins with "Two Wuv" or an island-jam complete with bongo's about someone who gives out banana's. Yeah. But each song is unique and memorable and is one of the best albums I've ever heard.

Also: please watch the video for Two Wuv. It's 10 minutes long but is my favorite music video ever.
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