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Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs

Annie Waits
Zak and Sara
Still Fighting It
Fred Jones Part 2
The Ascent Of Stan
Losing Lisa
Carrying Cathy
Not The Same
Rockin' The Suburbs
The Luckiest

This is the most important album to me in my life. This is the first album I ever obsessed over and it was the greatest thing I'd ever heard up until that point in my life. I think this was the first album I heard that I considered all the tracks other than just the radio hits. It was also the first I heard where I could appreciate the song-writing ability of the performer instead of just "oh, it sounds good!" You have your continuation of Reinhold Messner-era Ben Folds Five with sort of slower and semi-progressive/experimental tracks like "The Ascent Of Stan" and "Still Fighting It", the goofy story-driven up-tempo songs with "Zak and Sara" and the title track, and then you've got every girl's favorite song rounding out the album But there's jazz, blues, pop, rock; just a multitude of sounds that are combined perfectly here. This is the album that solidified my love for Ben Folds and the belief that he's one of the greatest storytellers in music.
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