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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Serious? Fuck yeah!
Fuck no, is what you mean. I love RVD as much as anybody but his recent run in TNA has been awful. He's out of shape, obviously high as fuck during his matches and has been blowing a lot of his spots. He's been painful to watch and even if he did comeback to the WWE, there would be no way he wouldn't get fired for failing drug tests. Don't forget he left the WWE before they got all serious with their wellness policy. He wouldn't last very long there now. But he would definitely have a pretty high price tag to do indy shows and he could certainly make a solid living out of doing that now.

I wouldn't mind seeing Mickie James come back to the WWE since TNA hasn't done anything with her in a couple months but there's no garuntee the WWE will do anything with her either. If she came back as psycho Mickie and feuded with AJ that could be a lot of fun.

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