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Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral (1994)

I canít believe that this album is almost twenty years old. A lot of music I have from back in the day is showing its age but this album still sounds as fresh to me now as it did then. This album opened my mind a lot. At the time I was listening to Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Primus; all great music but very barebones. There was so much going on during this album that it blew my head off. After listening to it on my CD player for weeks I taped it and started listening to it on my walkman and heard so much more that wasnít present during my first listens. The broken keyboard melody during the closing moments of Piggy, the tripped out guitar work during the intro to Eraser and the depressing theme that repeats during the end of Closer and the title track. Even today Iíll hear a song once and awhile and notice something I never heard before. It was also a lot more disturbing that a lot of the music I was listening to. Itís a sick, twisted album detailing sex, torture, disease and death. Tame by todayís standards, even tame then considering Cannibal Corpse was around, but pretty intense for a mainstream album that sold millions of copies.
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