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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Where did you read that about Trips and Brock?

As for the diva division, i've read from a few different pages that they're trying to reach out to former divas and get them back. The Bellas were the first to do so. I've read they are in talks with Kelly Kelly and Maryse to come back. Maryse would make sense since she's engaged to The Miz anyways and could travel with him.

Angelina Love is no longer with TNA, they should try and get her to. What I don't get is how come Kaitlin and AJ aren't fueding for the divas title going into mania? More importantly, how is it possible they've invested so much time and effort in developing AJ and she's not even been divas champ yet?

It was tipped off on a huge wrestling site about Brock/HHH.

And about the divas I know Bellas are back but I heard Kelly Kelly and Maryse both declined WWE's offers and WWE is still trying to get them back with no avail. I doubt they will come back though since they know the divas spot is shit. AJ is the biggest WWE diva and she doesn't even wrestle.