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Well, this was pretty interesting...

1. Mastodon- Creature Lives
2. Demolisher- Corporal Punishment
3. All Shall Perish- The Last Relapse
4. The Dillinger Escape Plan- The Running Board
5. Absu-A Song for Ea
6. Defeater- At Peace
7. Pantera- Becoming
8. Peter Gabriel- Shaking The Tree
9. Trivium- In Waves
10. Lamb of God- As The Palace Burns
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Death of A Martian
12. Torche- Little Champion
13. Sargeist- Ovire Pestis
14. Unearth- Aries
15. Children of Bodom- Bodom Beach Terror
16. Loudness- We Could Be Together
17. Sargeist- Sargeist
18. Comeback Kid- Operative World
19. Trash Talk- On A Fix
20. Aborted- Exhuming The Infested
21. The Velvet Underground- The Murder Mystery
22. Slayer- Metal Storm/Face The Slayer
23. Rev Theory-Broken Bones
24. Iron Maiden- Rime of The Ancient Mariner
25. Vektor- Accelerating Universe
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