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As I Lay Dying -- Nashville, TN -- March 12th, 2013

I showed a few songs into the Chariot, and they were pretty good live. The venue is a christian venue, and they do not allow stage diving or crowd surfing. I am sure that held them back, from everything I have heard about them live.

For Today was next and they were a solid live band, but jesus that preaching was so annoying. 25 min set and they spent 5 min atleast forcing jesus on everyone. I can honestly say the crowd was really into them though.

As I Lay Dying was the only reason I went, and they were awesome. Even better live than the last time I saw them. Always good to see them play a 60 min set as well.

4.A Greater Foundation
5.94 Hours
7.Anodyne Sea
8.Whispering Silence
10.Wasted Words
11.The Sound of Truth

12.Nothing Left
13.Through Struggle

I left before Prada, not into them.
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