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Originally Posted by Allan
Last year when I saw Ozzfest, it was clear that a lot of the audience was really excited about Priest. I literally saw fathers and grandfathers explaining to their children before the set started about what they were about to see. With every scream from Halford, the crowd went crazy. There was just such a buzz around the venue.

As excited as the crowd was about Priest, it was also 100% clear to me once Sabbath took the stage that Ozzy OWNED the night. The crowd was wrapped around his every movement like he was a puppet master. It was amazing.

I'm wondering if you felt any kind of similar buzz of anticipation and excitement among the crowd for Maiden as they prepared to take the stage and during their performance?
I think the audience was a lot more into Judas Priest last year then Iron Maiden this year. The more Bruce whined, the more people stopped rocking out. It was really noticeable.

There wasn't much anticipation for Maiden. There were some scattered groups of Maiden fans going crazy, but not like before Priest came on last year. It was odd, actually.

And of course, the crowd loves Black Sabbath.
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