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Soilwork -- West Springfield, VA -- March 12th, 2013

Full review (pix coming soon)

First night of the tour- merch pix comin. Odd that neither Blackguard nor Jeff Loomis didn't have any of their latest CD (particularly Loomis, as he was supposed to have a TOUR edition of Plains...). Crowd seemed pretty... non responsive for everyone except Soilwork. There was a pocket of Blackguard fans that were active, but other than that I was like... do these people not like non Soilwork bands?

Hatchet sounded like new thrash- Havok/Bonded by Blood mixed w/ Exodus. Not bad, but nothing very distinctive. Minimal crowd reaction, which was odd.

Bonded By Blood sounded pretty good. A bit tighter than last time I saw them. Small pit on one song and minimal crowd reaction. WTF?

Blackguard butchered 'Firefight,' but sounded better after that. They played a new new song- 'Rise.' Overall sounded good. Crowd actually got moving a little bit

Jeff Loomis nonchalantly took the stage, shredded for like 40 minutes, then at the end of their set time...just stopped. No mics were on stage and he said 0 words during the set. So odd. Met him later and he is, in fact, not mute. Crowd was headbanging a little but then kind of subsided more into the set. Kind of killed Blackguard's momentum, he gave off a different vibe. 100% talented, make no mistake, but it kind of not was a good time IMO

Soilwork came on 30 minutes late, which was kinda painful for a Tuesday when one has a 9am work meeting the next day. Still, they sounded very good- the vocals in particular. The crowd must have been here for them, because they were waaaay more participating than all of the other sets before. I was surprised to hear old ass song 'Figure Number 5.'

Overall- a very fun time, despite the lateness. I suppose it was fine cause I got to hassle Jeff Loomis.


Hatchet (7:30- 8:00)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Dawn of the the End
  • Vanishing Point

Bonded by Blood (8:20- 8:54)

  • I Can't Hear You
  • Another Disease
  • Immortal Life
  • Crawling in the Shadows
  • (Unknown) (probably among vultures)
  • The Aftermath
  • Restless Mind
  • Left Behind

Blackguard (9:13- 9:43)
  • Intro (Not Tephra)
  • Firefight
  • In Dreams
  • Wastelands
  • Rise (New song)
  • Fear of All Flesh

Jeff Loomis(10:01- 10:42)
  • ?
  • ?(I think it may have been Sibylline Origin)
  • ?
  • Miles of Machines
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Soilwork (11:30- 12:45)
  • Intro
  • This Momentary Bliss
  • Like the Average Stalker
  • Spectrum Of Eternity
  • Weapon of Vanity(allegedly first time live)
  • Figure Number Five
  • Black Star Deceiver
  • Intro ( I think this was Entering Aeons)
  • Long Live The Misanthrope
  • Let This River Flow
  • Final Fatal Force
  • Stabbing the Drama
  • Tongue
  • Possessing the Angels (allegedly first time live since 1999)
  • One With the Flies
  • Encore:
  • Rise Above The Sentiment
  • As We Speak
  • Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter

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