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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Lita was sleeping with them both though. Vince just made that the angle based off real life.

I guess AJ was with one guy from TNA for a long time then a bunch from WWE.

And Mickie James was pretty much with everyone that would take the time
I don't believe it's too uncommon for the female wrestlers to make the rounds with the male ones at all. Especially if you're on the road with them all the time and you work with them a lot. Stuff like that will happen but I don't think that automatically makes them whores at all either.

On the flip side, i've read a number of times about how Batista was able to bang most of the divas he worked with. Punk has been with a few of them to, Maria, Beth Pheonix, Daffney, Tracy Brooks and Lita. I guess the CM in his name really does stand for "chick magnet"