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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
This goes back to all my dislikes I posted about TNA a few pages back. They just try TOO hard sometimes. Obviously they're going for their nWo reveal the other night and wanted it to play out the same way. Let's see how it plays out. TNA has a history of dropping the ball.
Nah, they weren't trying for their NWO reveal with that. TNA did their whole version of the NWO back in 2010 when they formed Immortal and had Jeff Hardy make the sudden and shocking heel turn to win the world title and join then at the Bound For Glory PPV.

This angle with Bully played out completely differently than that. There was suspicion all along that Bully was up to something. This heel turn didn't come from out of nowhere like Hogan's did back in 1996. Bully came up with an big plan to con everyone into getting to trust him so he could get the world title shot and only when he won the title did he reveal his plan to everybody.

As for the plants in the crowd, so what? That's been done before in wrestling to get the crowd to do certian things and it certainly won't be the last time. From what I gathered they had the plants start throwing trash in hopes that other fans will follow and it worked.
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