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Strapping Young Lad – City (1997)

Yeah, I’m one of “those guys”. The guys who got into Devin Townsend early on in Strapping Young Lads run and never understood what people see in Alien or Deconstruction. The guys that are like “what the fuck guys, his best album with Strapping was City”. City has probably one of the greatest openings in the history of recorded music. Velvet Kevorkian isn’t anything special but when it segues into All Hail the New Flesh, all that feedback and chaos, then the guitar riff starts playing, then the whole band kicks in and shit gets real. Yeah, Alien (). But maybe Alien is more consistent. After Detox this album does lose a lot of steam, only picking up during Underneath the Waves and the last song Spirituality. But you can’t blame it for losing steam. The first half of this album is just unrelenting and by Home Nucleonics I’m just done. You always have a special place in your heart for “your first”, and this was my first Devin Townsend record. This would've been in my top thirty because in all seriousness guys, his best album with Strapping was City.
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