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Bad Religion -- San Antonio, TX -- March 12th, 2013

Just going to keep it short and sweet.

We had a local opener that only played about 4 songs since Against Me! Dropped off lol.

Polar Bear Club wasn't my cup of tea so I just sat outside waiting.

Bad Religion was fucking great man they still have it after all these years. The set list was great also and the show overall lasted about an hour and 45 minutes

Shirts were $20, poster was $20, hoodie was $35, bracelet, keychain, and patches were $5, and an old 2011 tour shirt was $5.

Past Is Dead
We're Only Gonna Die
New Dark Ages
True North
Land of Endless Greed
I Want to Conquer the World
Los Angeles Is Burning
Fuck You
Robin Hood in Reverse
Against the Grain
No Direction
Dearly Beloved
Do What You Want
Heroes & Martyrs
Beyond Electric Dreams
Come Join Us
21st Century (Digital Boy)
A Walk
American Jesus

Fuck Armageddon
Dept. of False Hope
I.......dropped the the tuna!!!!!!!!!!
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