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1. Rainbow
Rainbow was the first band that I ever remember listening to. I remember everytime "Man On The Silver Mountain" would come on the radio I would force my Mom to turn it up.

2. Rob Zombie
The first album I ever bought on my own was "Hellbilly Delux". I am not much a fan anymore, but I still have this album on my CD shelf and cherish it for being the album that I first got.

3. Slipknot
Yes, I was around in the almighty "Slipknot Era". As with Zombie, I am not much a fan anymore, I do enjoy a few songs, but overall it is just blah to my musical ear these days, but they were the band that started to get me more into the "heavier" music. Also, the Disasterpieces DVD was the DVD that inspired me to drum (Joey drum cam).

4. Slayer
Slayer is the band that really bridged the gap for me. I started with Slipknot, and then found Slayer. I had always known the name, but never the music. I believe the first song I ever heard from them was "Raining Blood" in the GTA: Vice City game, and I was hooked ever since. And with Slipknot, the drumming... THE DRUMMING!!! I knew what I had to be after listening to this beast.

5. Sepultura
Who the hell are these guys? I'll give them a shot. Those were my first words when I put in the "Heart of Roadrunner" compilation CD. I had no idea who Sepultura was, the name was cool, but that's all I could tell. Well shit... they are now one of my favorite bands ever. The first track I heard, Roots, got me hooked. Sure, this album is looked down upon, but the drumming... THE DRUMMING. It was insanely influencial and really opened my mind to everything outside of the normal metal drumming. Add some toms, add some tribal shit, be different.

6. Faith No More
FNM is most likely THEE band that helped me open my mind. Not everything I listen to has to be brutal, fast, heavy, etc, it can be more along the rock lines, and FNM helped me find that. After becoming so big on them I finally started to pay attention to Mike Patton's other projects, and realized how amazing he is at what he does.

I never liked BTBAM. I hated them. They sucked. They sounded like every other noodly tech death band out there... until I heard Colors. There isn't much I can say, other than my mind was blown, I had escaped into a whole new thing. It was amazing.

8. Absu
Everyone here knows how much I love Absu, and as for most of the other bands on here... the drumming. How can someone manage to do lead vocals AND drum with such intensity as well as technicallity? Proscriptor changed my whole perspective of drumming, as Igor did when I first got into Sepultura. It wasn't until recenetly that I revisited "The Sun of..." and realized just how amazing Absu actually was.

9. Melechesh
Most of these bands are about how the bands have affected my drumming, and this is no different. Melechesh brought me into a realm of Genies, Sorcerors, and.... Mesopotamian... Music . The fact that they can bring in some traditional rhythms and drum beats from Arabic styles is beyond me, but it is just so fucking amazing



Neil Peart. End of story. And after watching his most recent DVD..... . Could never leave out such an amazing band.

Sorry, quickly typing these up while on my lunch break. I'll probably re-read all of this and realize how terrible I wrote this up
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