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My Review On Bon Jovi's What About Now Album

1.Because We Can
2.I'm With You
3.What About Now
4.Pictures Of You
6.That's What The Water Made Me
7.What's Left Of Me
8.Army Of One
9.Thick As Thieves
10.Beautiful World
11.Room At The End Of The World
12.The Fighter
13.With These Two Hands (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
14.Into The Echo (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
15.Not Running Anymore (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Genre: Arena Rock

Well, with four years since their last studio album and three since their greatest hits, the New Jersey act is back.I had high hopes for this album, and even though it has it's good points, I gotta be honest it suffers from repetitiveness.This album isn't repeating past albums per-say, it's just the songs within the album repeat in some way, shape, or form, another song on this album.Let me tell you the good points of the album.For one thing, the guitar has somewhat more of a punch on this record then The Circle, but no where near how they are on records like "Have A Nice Day" and "Bounce".The solos, although not on every song, are millions of times better than they are on The Circle, with "I'm With You" having possibly one of Richie's best solos since These Days.Another good thing that always made me like Bon Jovi is that they make songs that make me happy and that I can relate to, and songs like the title-track and "Pictures Of You" do just that.The slow songs are to abundant on this record, with about 5-7 including the bonus tracks."Amen" and "Thick As Thieves" are extremely boring, but the bonus track "Not Running Anymore" is definitely one of my favorite NEW Bon Jovi songs.The guitar needs more punch on this record as I somewhat said before."What's Left Of Me" brings back a little country vibe that is good for mixing things up, but in the end is really a average track."Army Of One" kinda repeats the same stuff from the first couple of tracks."That's What The Water Made Me" however is fantastic, and definitely the standout track out of the album."The Fighter" really is to much similar to "Not Running Anymore"."With These Two Hands" is a good, strong song but sounds similar to something else I can't recall."Beautiful World" is pretty good, but "Room At The End Of The World" is just another boring, slow song."Because We Can" is definitely not the best song in the world, but it is insanely catchy and I admire the vocal melody on the verses, and the bass is actually pretty kickin on the song IMO.All in all, an improved "The Circle".What I ask for them to do is to make a record that sounds like Bounce with less ballads.

Rating: 3/5

Standout Tracks:
"What About Now"
"I'm With You"
"That's What The Water Made Me"
"Not Running Anymore"

Filler Tracks:
"Room At The End Of The World"
"Thick As Thieves"
"The Fighter"
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