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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
1. Ride The Lightning
2. Disposable Heroes
3. The Shortest Straw
4. The Four Horse Men
5. The End Of The Line
6. One
7. Leper Messiah
8. Escape
9. Just a Bullet Away
10. Cyanide
11. Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
12. Metal Militia
13. The Judas Kiss
14. Where The Wild Things Are
15. Eye Of The Beholder
16. Fade To Black
17. Phantom Lord
18. ...And Justice For All
19. Master Of Puppets
20. Trapped Under Ice

Replace Cyanide (by No Remorse, Creeping Death, etc) and... it's... more than just awesome!
Come together...together as one... for Lucifer's son...

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